Defensive industry with potential for long-term growth

  • Operating in a strongly defensive sector with demand relatively unaffected by economic cycles.
  • Continued growth expected in demand for healthcare due to population growth, ageing population, consumerism, technological advancement, the burden of disease and government funding limitations.

Strong track record

  • Led by an experienced and proven Board and Management team with an average corporate level tenure of 20 years.
  • Delivered stable and strong operational growth for almost three decades.
  • Strong track record in selecting earnings-enhancing capital projects and ability to integrate and extract value from acquisitions.
  • Long-term commitment since inception from Remgro, Mediclinic’s largest shareholder.

International presence

  • Well positioned as a trusted provider of hospital services in developing and developed markets: Southern Africa, Europe and Middle East.
  • Significantly expanded presence in UAE through the Combination with Al Noor, providing leading operations in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
  • Leading position in all the markets in which it operates (which excludes the UK).
  • Geographic diversification mitigates country-specific risk.

Pure services player

  • Long-term investor and manager of mostly acute care, specialist-orientated, multi-disciplinary hospitals and related outpatient facilities.
  • Extensive property portfolio in prime real estate provides valuable operational flexibility and strong assets to underpin the business.

Further growth opportunities

  • Significant experience in integrating and growing acquired assets.
  • Committed to establishing centres of excellence and co-ordinated care initiatives, and expanding capacity via identified Greenfield projects.

Commitment to quality care

  • Sustainable, competitive advantage underpinned by continuous focus on patient safety, excellence in clinical performance and delivery of measurable, cost-effective care.


  • Commitment to manage business in a sustainable way, upholding the highest standards of ethics and corporate governance practices; value and respect of employees, communities and the environment.
  • Focus on integrity to maintain and improve confidence, trust and respect of all stakeholders.